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Teacher Training

Teachers who aspire to teach children should be comprehensively trained in all aspects and developments in Early Childhood Education. Teacher Training course is a comprehensive training programme for teaching pre-schoolers. Housewives lack access to financial capital and have limited opportunities to gain education, knowledge, and skills that can lead to economic advancement. Inadequate policy frameworks and inequitable gender norms also often create barriers to womens’ economic advancement.

Primary Teacher’s Training Program

Pre-Primary Teacher’s Training Program


For a sound financial strategy, it is important to link workforce development and employment strategies with market needs and opportunities. We recommend that Teachers Training programmes offering vocational training and employment opportunities include these initiatives to match market requirements and opportunities. This approach not only requires designing a quality training process that builds housewives technical and soft skills, but also enlists the commitment of employers to hire participants.
Housewives economic empowerment not only depends on availability of jobs, but also on protective policy environments and community-based support for their entry into the workplace.

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Montessori / Pre Primary Teacher Training Course (MTTC)

It is a Central Government Recognized course run under from Mahila Vyavsay Prashikshan Abhiyan.

The Certification is recognized by Ministry of Labor and Employment – New Delhi.


  • Qualification Required – Secondary School Certificate
  • Course Duration – 6 months.
  • Syllabus includes Theory and Practical. Story narration, poems rhyming skills, craft work, sketch etc.
  • Examination would be Oral and Written
  • Guaranteed Job Assistance by STDC
Primary Teacher's Training Course

It is a Central Government Recognized course run under from Mahila Vyavsay Prashikshan Abhiyan.

The Certification is recognized by Ministry of Labor and Employment – New Delhi.


  • Qualification Required : Higher Secondary Certificate.
  • Course Duration 1 year.
  • Syllabus includes Theory and Practical. Subject wise teaching skills, cardboard activities etc.
  • Examination would be Oral and Written.
  • Guaranteed Job Assistance by STDC

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